Ever wondered what’s actually happening in a property sale campaign?

With itrack, now you’re on the inside and can see it all!

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If you’re looking to buy a property, look no further than the free itrack app. Powered by reiwa.com, itrack provides you with really reliable real estate information in real time on your smartphone.



You can now view Home Opens online and ask questions, get the truth and maintain your privacy.


Online home opens provides you:

  • Safe and convenient way to view a home anytime that suits while you maintain your privacy. Only you can disclose your contact details to the agent.
  • You can instantly ask questions within an in-app environment in real time with instant answers. You can also request a personal inspection.
  • You can request offer docs within the itrack platform, as well as comparable sales, similar listings.
  • View as many properties at your convenience – and then short list the homes of most interest and know that you can ask anything and get answers back in writing that you can trust.

When you track properties with the itrack app, you can receive instant notifications about:

Other buyer offers

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Who’s attending home opens

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Wanting to buy a home that’s not for sale?

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Other buyer’s opinions

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Similar properties just listed

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Your Price

Would you sell if it was at your price of market?

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Unadvertised off market properties

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Unpublished recent sale prices

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E Appraisal

Request an e-appraisal

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Start tracking your favourite properties with the touch of a button

All it takes is 5 simple steps for you to get your property buying journey on the right track.

7 easy steps to get started

You can track as many properties as you like, and start receiving notifications on everything happening in the campaign.

You can even nominate a suburb to receive notifications of off-market Unadvertised properties that are available for sale.

If you want instant notifications on everything happening in a sale campaign, you can do it quickly by downloading the itrack property app and tapping on ‘I am looking to buy’. Then you will be forwarded to screen to complete registration.

Fill in your details, knowing that they won’t be passed on to any Real Estate Agent and that your privacy will always be our first priority.

Complete the page that allows you to search for every property that is listed for sale in Western Australia.

Then you’ll see properties in your suburb that are for you to track. We will let the agent know who is responsible for the listing, that there is somebody wanting live notifications of everything happening in the campaign.

By tapping on the magnifying glass located in the top left corner of the screen, you can keep searching any number of properties that are of interest to you.

So if you’re house hunting, stay ahead of the pack with itrack

Download the free app today!

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Really reliable real estate information in real time

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